Saturday, June 3, 2017

Blog post of the week! Mystique shares about her IKAN test

Today my group Tapawha got to see our results on our  test. The thing that was different about our Ikan test was that we could go over our test twice if we needed extra time to do the answers again for the questions.   Another difference was that we used our own Chromebooks with our own headphones.  After the first test we got to sit the test again because some of the people in Tapawha had missed out some and thought that it would be good if we done our Ikan test again.

When we started the test I felt nervous and kind of relaxed at the same time, I also felt pressure coming in. When I was half way through the test I started feel pretty positive about my self and I thought I did alright on the first test and did better listening to it a  second time.

The next day ( which is today ) we marked our test. The different thing about marking our test was that we got to circle the ones that we got wrong but was a silly mistake because you knew the answer.   I was thinking of another question and forgot to answer the previous question then I ended up  missing it out.
Before our  teacher didn't let us do this but now she has told us that we could mark it circling the silly mistake we made.  This means I could also count this as question correct!
 After looking at my own results - my data, I still need to improve in place value. My grades on the test this time are better than the last time we did our test.   I still find  place value on the tests a little hard.  I will work on this!

Go here to read more from Myztique.  Well done Myztique on sharing your learning!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Year 8 Leadership Camp - Kauaeranga Valley Camp

Y8 Leadership 2017 from SchoolTV on Vimeo.
Here's some pics we captured while away on our leadership camp this year! Wednesday 26th - Friday 28th May. Our group was slightly smaller this time around but still jam packed with a lot of fun and learning opportunities! We had a range of workshops where our students had to step and out as leaders and active team members.

 Key phrases like 'Build up, positive self talk, service to leadership 'O le ala i le pule o le tautua', show support and we kept a focus on. Why do we have camp? Naturally as year 8 students there is an expectation that students will step up and lead. This camp is support our students to do this. You'll all agree the act of leadership and even teamwork is not something all people do naturally, many of us need to shown and taught this! So camp is where we get to do this together without any distractions! The building of self confidence to stand, speak and participate was developed during camp. We took part in - leading groups around rotations, taking charge in team challenges, showing 'kaha' when we needed to be brave. Being the hosts even during our meal times was a job all teams carried out which included prayers in all our various languages, songs and chants that always made meal time so enjoyable!

 We have video that we are currently editing so you can see for yourself what we've shared here. A big shout out to all the year 8 students, their whanau, teachers for the great support you gave. We are very thankful! Fa'afetai tele lava. Andrea Tele'a

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Te Taiao O Tamaki

Term 1 saw our cluster come together throughout the term through our shared focus on 'Te Taiao o Tamaki'. Our place - our space - our environment. This went hand in hand with our year's value of responsibility. Our Pt England way of expressing this is using te reo, 'Kaitiakitanga i nga wa katoa', Guardians of our all things.

 Our students typically in term 1 focus on belonging to Pt England. This time around it was this focus with the addition of looking up and across further than our school gates to the rest of Tamaki. Participating in our 'River talks' production right here at Omaru creek alongside other children of Manaiakalani was an experience we all learned so much from.

 All the learning this term was brought together by our cluster celebration that took place at Te Oro, our Glen Innes Music and Arts Centre. The displays were wonderful in catching our attention and imagination, aided aptly by the student presenters found at every stand. Please watch this video produced by Mrs Sandy Langitupu of Pt England School. She captured a number of our talented students and their presentations.
Malo lava i le fanau o Tamakī mo le tou fai mea lelei. Manuia le sauni atu i le toe amata o le aoga i le vaiaso fou.

Te Taiao o Tamaki Exhibition Highlights 2017 from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Student post of the week! Yvonne Room 3

Post of the week comes to us from Yvonne, year 8 student of Room 3. After enjoying this post about water as a source of life - be sure to visit Yvonne's blog for more!
One week ago for our reading task we had a task with two readings, I found this a bit hard as there were two different texts involved, so I have been working on this throughout the weekend. The first text was about "Water as the source of life" we had to research and use the texts provided to find two different cultures and compare their beliefs on water. The second text is about Tarakura of the Rangitaiki plains, we had to find the definitions for words and answer the questions about myths. I also made this WANTED poster, read my presentation to find out why. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Welcome to Miss Fepulea'i

Welcome Miss Fepulea'i!   The great start to the year has been with our student teacher.  Miss Fepulea'i has slipped into the Pt England way very easily.  She's no stranger to our Manaiakalani cluster as she has worked with children at Tamaki Primary.  

We are loving her contribution to our learning and are looking forward to when she takes full control of our class!

Here's Miss Fepulea'i judging our class role plays based on our school treaty.  Watch this space for our next happy happenings with Miss Fepulea'i!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sculpture Walking with Miss Fepulea'i

The students were completely mesmerised by all the sculptures and structures that were on the trail keeping them pretty engaged in what seemed to turn into a little hike along the bush trail. Overall the whole experience was a blast and I was so happy that I volunteered to come.  With the flax art session, it made me think of some ideas that I could incorporate in the classroom in a lesson of my own. This term, the Point England principal discussed with the students about learning where they come from and who their whakapapa are. This got me thinking about making this into a lesson for my home class and how using the flax art from today and making it research and art lesson for the students. Getting the students to go home and ask their parents and grandparents about their family history and researching further about their heritage and coming up with symbols and patterns they could use on flax art of their very own.

Monday 13th February 2017


When in the team meeting last week, an art field next Monday was mentioned and that some helpers were needed; I jumped at the opportunity. With a deep passion for visual arts I couldn’t be more excited to go on this trip and get inspired. Today was that day, myself and my fellow student teacher Mrs Sio volunteered as helpers on a small school trip to Waiheke Island to go on a sculpture walk. There were two teachers, Mr Jackson and Mr Vogt who were leading the trip of eleven students today and we were buzzing in the morning to get to the island. Getting to Waiheke took a bus and a train to get there and prior to the journey, the students had to get into buddies who they stick with for the whole day and Mr Vogt had to assign two people to take photos and video the trip. Mrs Sio was the minder for one of the students whereas myself and the two teachers were to watch out for the remaining ten students.


When we arrived at Waiheke we were greeted by our guide Charlotte who would be taking us through the tour. We then started by walking through the wooden walkway which looked like a strange but very beautiful abstract walkway made of timber. We were then introduced to a female artist from the South Island who makes art from flax leaves and showed us pieces of art drawn on flax by other visitors of the island and said people drew things that meant something to them, representing something in their lives. Using a piece of board to lean on and a blunt nail to draw with, the students and teachers spent 15 minutes drawing things like cultural patterns from their heritage and pictures of things they like, like animals and objects like bibles to represent their spiritual beliefs. This gave me some ideas of my own which I put into my flax which I focussed on where I come from, from both sides of my family and places I’ve lived my whole life. After the flax art, we took a bus around to the beginning of the sculpture trail and began our hour and a half walk along the coast of Waiheke; admiring the various artists work, the different shapes, materials and themes were phenomenal and very contrasting from each other. From objects hanging from the trees to solar powered speakers playing rural classical music, the art pieces were all something the students and myself had never seen before.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome back! Nau mai haere mai

Nau mai haere mai ki te kura o Pt England!  It is with great joy that we greet all our year 7 and 8 students of Team 5.  It's a special time of the year where our year 8 students settle into being the most senior level and our year 7's adjust to a completely new learning space.

Both year levels have started off with great enthusiasm.  There's a strong sense of expectations from the students which is wonderful to have.   Listening and responding on time have been in action in this very first week of the year!  Kei te pai!

We welcome also 2 new teachers, Ms Tapuke in Room 2 and Mrs Judd into Room 4.  While we have assigned classrooms - it's definitely a shared learning space where all our students have access to all 5 teachers.

A very special welcome to my very own home class - Room 3 and Miss Fepulea'i!  You have proven already what a fun group you are!  I love how you are showing so much excitement about your learning.  Let's keep this going all year long.  (My student's blogs are found on left sidebar)

Ia manuia le tatou tausaga!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - So'o Tau'au - Join Shoulders

So'o Tau'au, 2016 sign off from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

2016 has been everything BUT normal!   We had changes to the timetable weekly, family, new baby :) teacher's on leave and leaving, Papa's and a Mama passing -  and in all this our kids stayed amazing!  Stayed normal!  Why??
We knew how and why - to 'So'o Tau'au'.

So'o tau'au is a Samoan saying that you typically hear in times of challenge.  Families and elders will visit those in a time of trial to offer support, this statement will be made.    Typically in our team we have sayings that help to embed our school wide korero.   Rather than a growling - it's a prompt to re-focus using our korero - saying.   This we carried through our learning spaces, in and out of the classroom - Te Reo, camps/field trips, tech@Tamaki College, testing, tuakana teina, visiting speakers, fundraisers, health talks and more!

Early in term 2 I shared this Samoan saying with our team during one of our morning karakia times.   It became something we used year long along with all other korero.   With all the changes that were expected and especially those that were not - this saying was one we held fast to.

Signing off for 2016 - I would like to wish all the students and teaching staff of Team 5 a fantastic festive season!    Well done on another amazing year, you've all contributed to making this year one of positive difference.

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring - opportunity to again 'So'o Tau'au'.

Ia manuia lava le tausaga fou, faamanuia atu le Atua ia te outou uma.

Mrs Andrea Bakulich Tele'a

Simon says this about 'So'o Tau'au' 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mo Papa & Mama (For Mama and Papa)

Kia Ora te whanau! This film was created to capture the many wonderful sayings we hear from our parents, Koro, aunties and uncles! We know at times you must wonder if we actually listen to all your gems! Well we do! Here's a film to let you know this and a little bit more. Please leave a comment - leave a note for you own whanau here too if you like. Ata marie! Arohanui toku matua!

Monday, October 31, 2016

Team 1 visit Team 5

It was so neat to see our year 1 and 2 teachers this morning! Teachers of Team 1 - new entrant classes spent some time with us. This was during our start up for the day where we students lead mihi, karakia and himene (greetings, prayer and hymn). This all happens before we launch into the programme for our day of learning and being at Pt England School. We loved that we could spend this time and show our Team 1 teachers how much we've grown and love taking charge in our space. They agree with us that it's a great start up to our daily learning. After meeting and greeting all our junior teachers we were treated to a song from them. This picture was taken during their song to us 'You are my sunshine'.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Journey

Fai malaga means to make a journey - the theme we've continued to visit regularly as we navigate our way through the year 2016. For our year 8 students it is a very special year. It's their final year and it's time to make some lasting memories as year 9 draws near. This is an animation created by a team of 3 year 8 students: Izac, Toma and Collin. Watch and enjoy what has been a very special part of our learning journey here at Pt England School. Manuia le malaga!

PENN sTar Waka from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Samoan language week

Here is our senior Samoan Group performing for our Samoan language week. It was a blessing to use our precious language this week. The theme for 2016 is “E felelei manu ae ma’au i o latou ofaga - Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive”. This item was performed along with a speech from Eden and George who are both fluent in the Samoan language. Samoa e - maopoopo mai! Special thanks to Chocajoe who owns the images you see looping in the background. We loved your images that capture some very precious moments from Samoa.

Samoan Language Week Assembly item 2016 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Our journey - our bright stars

This video was put together by Room 3 to highlight the amazing feat our ancestors completed in voyaging across the vast Pacific Ocean. Part of this script is from an article written by the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Further - we make links to how our events in our homes, community and school are like the bright stars that guide ones journey. Keep your eyes on the stars!! Toia mai - te waka!!

PENN sTar Waka from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nau mai - haere mai!

Talofa lava! It is with joy that we greet and welcome you to Rooom 3's blog for 2016. We have a really neat bunch of students who make up the fantastic Room 3! We have had a week of settling in - showing our new members in year 7 our special Team 5 learning space. We are looking forward to our parents meeting with our teachers in the week to come. Please remind your parents or caregivers that our time sheets will be out soon. Be sure to select the time slot that works best for your whanau. We have a number of exciting events coming up this term in the form of our garage sale, fiafia and year 8 leadership camp. Look out for our newsletter that will be coming home this week. Our video shows part of a farewell to Ms Tito who is now starting her new journey in the north. Also our dear year 8's of 2015 who are now in their new schools as year 9. We look forward to seeing you in and around our school.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Right Time Right Place

Room 3 Manaiakalani Film for the 2015 Film Festival!!    Well done to Iisa, his team of animators and Room 3 for creating this awesome movie!  The combination of graphic art, animations and camera shots is fantastic.  The message of being in the right place at the right time is useful for today's digital age!   Let's make use of this movie and remember to be in the 'Right Place Right Time with the Right Attitude!'

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cindy in the house! School Production on now!!

Buy your ticket from our school Iisa's post here to find out more!

For all of Term 3, our school has been working hard on our school production, 'Cindy In Da House'. I have recieved a part in it as one of the main characters. We have been working hard on the play all term. The play is a remix of the original Cinderella story, with a GI influence.

There are 8 main characters, along with 6 secondary characters. Everyone else in the play is either a technician, a dancer, or a stagehand. I am one of 2 friends of Josh, the 'Prince' of the play. Cindy, as you could probably guess, is the 'Cinderella' of the play, the one that gets tormented by her ugly stepsisters and stepmother.

Not only am I an actor, I am also a dancer and an animator. Many others are too, as we are putting in all the effort we can to make this a great show. We have three shows on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. I highly encourage those that have children attend to Pt England to come to one of the performances, as the dancers, actors, singers, technicians, animators, stagehands and caregivers are all working hard.


Posted By Iisas to Iisa @ Pt England School at 9/21/2015 08:17:00 PM

Friday, August 28, 2015

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail!

By failing to prepare you prepare to fail.   This quote is definitely something we can agree with in team 5 with our current focus on being financially responsible.  Day by day we are learning of the importance think more deeply about the impact of our spending.

Even the simple act of saving the change from our runs to the dairy can make a big difference.   Rather than accepting bakery lunches - push for a homemade one.   All these little savings add up to being a big help to our whanau.

Banks - banks are a place that invites us to store/save our money with them.  They can also help us to think about our money and what we can do when we set ourselves a financial goal.   We got talking today the interest offered by all banks for various types of bank accounts.  (Per annum - we discovered means every 3 months...interest PA :)  We found it really interesting when we researched the range of interest offered by banks.  There seems to be a bank account designed for people in many different stages in life.   We looked closely at school students and tertiary student accounts.   Together we found what you see displayed in our image.  

We hope you will make the time to find out more too about banks and how they can help us achieve a goal we have in the future.  Maybe it's your tertiary studies, a gift, a trip,  a car, a home - a trip away for the whanau.  Good care of the money in our family will result in a good present AND future.  Being financially responsible is being future focused!  Succeed in planning for your future!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Attitude - Friendships are important.

ATTITUDE PART 2: All about friendships.
Here are some key-pointers from our Swag...South African born... lower Auckland Attitude Presenter Dan!   Read and read again - this is useful for us to remember - young and old! Mrs Tele'a tried hard to keep up with all the gems shared on this morning. So much laughter, truths and helpful tips for today's exciting world of year 7 & 8 students! Here's only some of the awesomeness from this session:

Myths about friendships
  • I am the only one who feels like this.   Actually everyone feels this struggle at times
  • It just happens.  Actually best of friendships take a lot of time
  • It’s about quantity.   Quality is really important - not the quantity!  If we become FB, instagram, youtube famous then this will bring us plenty of friends.   

4 - 5 friends is what research suggests is a good number of friends to have.

Things that don’t work!
  • Mean humour:   Crossing lines with the jokes...before long it all goes wrong.  Funny is not stink - cruel - mean.  Never mock about things you can’t change - body parts, culture, families, beliefs.  What do you do if you cross the line???  Best thing to do is SAY SORRY.  It’s powerful to apologise.   Mean humour is like one can see it cos it’s under your uniform...your friends can’t see it or know it - they hit it and only you feel the hurt...
  • Back stabbing:  Back stabbing backfires...people will grow not to like being around you because you are negative to be around.
  • Smothering: being around people TOO MUCH, give people space - this is healthy.  Smothering is not good - be kind and tell them you need some space.
  • Showing Off: Boys and girls can do this differently.  Girls can be through talking and saying things...boys tend to show off through doing silly things.  Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not to get friends to like you.   Pick your times when you want to be fun and show-off - class time?? Not even ea!
  • Bullying: physical, cyber, verbal, mental, written...YOU the person feeling this pressure have NOTHING wrong with you - you don’t have to change.  It’s the person being cruel that needs to be changed.  TALK to someone you trust that can help you.  It’s really easy to fix.   Telling someone... it’s not a weakness it makes you SMART AND STRONGER!

  • REMEMBER NAMES:use a method to help you remember peoples names.  Their name is their most favourite word to hear - it’s true!  Think of something that sounds close to their name to help you remember.   Names are important!
  • LEARN TO LISTEN: learn to ask good questions of your friends and actually listen to what they say.  Don’t talk the whole time and then walk on...ask questions of them too - find out what they are up and possibly in need of.   Be a good listener!!
  • SAY A GOOD WORD: be sure to say a good word - encourage especially in those hard moments.  Hard times like a tough sports game, a challenging task in class, that moment when you can tell your friend might want to give up.   A good word does plenty!!
  • KEEP secrets: there are 3 secrets YOU SHOULD NOT KEEP hurting themselves, hurting others, someone is hurting them.  Secrets are not things to always keep.  
  • BE yourself:
Youth line changing lives
If you ever need to talk to someone: talk to your
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0800 376 633
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Step up - Year 8 Leadership Camp 2015

Year 8 Leadership Camp: Step up Marsden Camp from SchoolTV on Vimeo.

This is a small range of highlights from our year 8 Leadership Camp. This was held in the final week of term 1 2015. It served the purpose of bringing the oldest students at PES together, to get to know one another more, figure out together how to best lead at Pt England School. An acronym we decided to go with is SWALL - show what awesome looks like. This is just what the year 8 students did! Looking forward to the year ahead with these amazing student leaders! Tino pai to mahi tamariki!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Polyfest Highlights 2015

Polyfest Highlights 2015 For the first time in the history of Pt England School, the year 7's and 8's had gone to the Polynesian Festival 2015. Another way of saying it is, Polyfest. We all arrived at the Polyfest with 4 buses. Us, year 7 and 8's had the most amazing opportunity to go because we were 1 of the 5 schools that were chosen out of 20! So we were very lucky to be the first Pt Englanders to go on an awesome trip to Polyfest. It was actually a good time to go because it was there 40th anniversary! So before I start my highlights, I would love to say a big THANK YOU to all the parents who had made a big decision to come and join us for Polyfest or go to work. If it wasn't for all you, we would of not attended Polyfest 2015. Thank you for even buying us food. So thank you again for your kind and loving help. The highlight of the day for me was when my group played Jenga in one of the stalls. In my group our parent helper was Anas dad, Mr Vaafusuaga. I was in a group with Ana, Angelina, Promiseland and Taakai. The record for the day for the game Jenga was 30 stacks high. Each of us had turn to take one block out. We were so close to the record but when it got to 28th stack, it all fell down. Overall it was great because all of us were working together and trying to not make the stacks of blocks fall. I cannot wait until I am a year 9 because I would join the Samoan group for Polyfest 2016. Polyfest was so enjoyable to watch, but soon I won't only be watching, I might be performing on the stage. It'll be so fun to perform because your not only there to dance in your cultural group, you also learn more about it. Polyfest 2015 was an amazing experience, maybe on 2016, the next year 7's and 8's could go and watch again. VISIT THIS PAGE to see more from Jordenne's blog.